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Ninjas Guide to Dark Elixir for TH7 and TH8

I figure I would make a new guide for TH7 and TH8. I am currently just got TH9 and am at the begining of it. I am following my upgrade guide found here (http://forum.supercell.net/showthrea...grade-Strategy) Please post if you like that one to. Hopefully this is in the correct section, if not I expect somebody to move it.NOTE: This guide will not work for everybody. If you read this guide it should help you understand what to do a little better.My dark elixir upgrades are as follows: At th7 I maxed barb king level 5, minions level 2At th8 I maxed barb king level 10, minions level 4Just got th9, got archer queen, and upgraded to level 2.I skipped hog riders for a while as they were bad, and I did not use them. In retrospect if I had more time playing I would have maxed hog riders, valks, and golems at th8. It is a playtime decision that I did not, and moved on to th9. I made sure to max my barb king and minions at each th level. Before I go to th10 my dark elixir troops/heros will be maxed.I am now TH9 so if you visit me at Reddit Juliet: Strikeninja4787 if you might be wondering what is going on.Ok so you might be wondering now, what did I use, what trophy count, etc... Kinda long read, but I tried to make it as detailed as possible with what I did. Sorry in advance about spelling and grammar. I will try and keep this updated as much as possible with any questions asked. I currently work full time, and studying for CPA exams. (google it). Best way to get your base looked at by me or any questions is to post and pm me.A lot of people asked me if I can make videos of this. I can not make them.EVERY SECTION HAS BEEN UPDATED EVEN IF YOU HAVE READ MY GUIDE BEFORECONTENTS:1. Trophy Count 2. Base setup3. Army Composition4. Upgrades5. Actually getting all the dark elixir available6. GOALS OF Dark Elixir Raiding7. WHY only TH8-TH10 bases?8. Why not TH8 bases for TH7?9. Oh a TH8-TH10 attacked me and owned my base10. I can't find a good base to raid11. The resource graphics bug12. Picture of my base with traps/teslas13. Keeping your Dark elixir 14. Maintaining Trophies 15. Facing the new defenses with updates 16. Does this guide work for TH9-10 as well? 17. People who have gave input for ideas to improve the guide 18. If I had to do everything again, what would I do differently? 18. Questions people ask ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Trophy CountTH7: I have found that many th9s with dark elixir worth raiding reside at 1500+ cups. I would ONLY raid th9 people. I do this for good reason. That reason is because if a TH9 decides oh I want to revenge raid me, they get a 50% resource penalty. I would also attack TH10 bases WITHOUT INFERNO TOWERS (this will be explained in much detail later)TH8: While I tried the same trophy range as TH7, it did not do so well. I have found 1650+ cups is a good range for bases with constant 1000 or more dark elixir. I would attack Other th8, th9, and TH10 people WITHOUT INFERNO TOWERS.2. Base setupTH 7: You need to have maxed defenses (I do mean everything!!) and at least level 6 walls (pink walls). This is because while you will be raiding th9, there also many th8s and th9 that will raid you regularly. They all have/should have level 5 wall breakers which can 1 shot gold walls. Many revenge raids I have been hit with everything and the base still holds up. It makes me laugh when people dont break even on my base. My town hall 7 base is shown below.Also maxed mortars can 1 shot level 5 archers, but most town hall 9s have level 6 archers which will take 2 shots.You can view my base at reddit juliet name is strikeninja4787. Only thing that i switched was my dark elixir storage and barb king. I have found that people come in from the right or left mostly. The goal here is to protect your dark elixir st

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Ninjas Guide to Dark Elixir for TH7 and TH8

I figure I would make a new guide for TH7 and TH8. I am currently just got TH9 and am at the begining of it. I am following my upgrade guide found here (http://forum.supercell.net/showthrea...grade-Strategy) Please post if you like that one to. Hopef..

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