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11:41 pm, August 18, 2014

TH8 Trapception Base Design



1. Central, undetectable Clan Castle

  • Clan castle radius is undetectable until invaders break through first layers of wall.
  • Clan castle defenders (most likely archers) are more likely to hide behind 2nd layer walls, making them a very effecting distraction and defensive unit

2. Optimal Core

  • Core can consist of Dark Elixir Storage, Air Defense, and optional second Air Defense or Gold Storage. 
  • An easy switch of what is in the core can be made. If an air defense happens to be upgrading, it is very easy and effective to put 2 air defense diagonal to each other for maximum air coverage.

3. Triangular splash and air defense, and storages

  • The most ideal configuration of these more important structures. Every storage is covered by at least 3 splash defenses or 2 air defenses. 
  • Since the storages are separated, attackers are likely to only get a maximum of one
  • A like or subscription would mean alot to me! More videos like this to come!

4. Pentagonal point defense coverage

  • The most ideal point defense configuration for the most efficient coverage

5. Segmentation and Anti-Wallbreaker mechanics

  • Guaranteed that the attacker must bring at least 4 wallbreakers in order to break into 1 storages, which isn't likely with defenses shooting at them
  • Designed in a way that wallbreakers are more probable to spread to spread to the outside walls, rather than the center
  • Single wall funnels all troops into spring traps lured by Tesla

6. 4 Way symmetry

  • The fact that the base is identical from all sides gives the attacker no easy entry point to your storages, every storage is guarded equally and there are no 'weak sides' on the base

7. Trapception mechanic

  • Tesla lures all meat shields or any troops alike to a 2x2 choke point hellzone that is filled with traps ready to be exploded and sprung, and defenses bombarding and completely annihilating attackers that made the foolish attempt to attack the precious tesla
  • Spring traps are placed right infront of the tesla, giant bombs and regular bombs come next any where infront, air bombs and dark elixir bombs placed in the 1 wide pockets infront of cannons and archer towers
  • After dealing with Tesla, attackers are required to make the long walk back to the point defenses they were initially after, or are also likely to bash the walls for hours despite openings already made (Giant AI)

8. Decorations and Spawnzone

  • Place collectors as followed, however is very effective with a far away spawn-zone as meat shields are truly isolated in the Trapception hellzone
  • Create a pleasing decoration beacon which invites attackers to snipe the townhall rather than go after your precious loot

9. Newness

  • The fact that this base is new and never seen before makes it hard for those Town Hall 9s and 10s to know how to raid this. By now they should have a plethera of overt ways to raid those over used bases, however this may come to surprise them. 



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