Feature List :

Anti Hog Feature :

  • The Core surround by The Buff Ring , Surround By Tower Ring
  • Double Giant Bomb + small bomb place beside Wiz Tower to clear group of Hogs
  • Evenly Spread out Spring Traps across The Anti Hog Tower Ring
  • 12 possible giant bomb placement area for hard bingo guessing

Base Feature :

  • Centralized CC That's Un-lureable
  • Balance X-Bow Placing to cover most of the base
  • 2 Centralized Air Def Act as Last line of Defend for Air Raid
  • 3 Centralized Mortar Covering the buff ring + Hog Ring
  • Separated Gold Storage & Elixir Storage on Different Compartment of it's own
  • Centralized DE Storage
  • Well Spread out point Defense + 4 symmetrical wiz tower placing
  • The base is entirely perfect Symmetrical
  • Nicely place red and black air bomb to take out healer fast !

Special Feature :
  • The Hog / Tower Ring have even 2 space in between each tower.
  • With 2 even spacing between tower , Enemy can't guess where the Giant Bomb is located.
  • Tesla are Guarding the " T-junction " from Wall breaker , rendering more chance of failed bombing
  • 4 side central funnel to lure giant in with Air bombs red + black to take out healer asap

Things you can do :
  • you can swap CC with DE storage to have maximum protection for DE
  • you can swap out DE Storage for a Archer Tower into core (when DE is not needed or empty)
  • you can swap the 2x giant bomb position and spring traps to other position .
  • you can close the funnel if you are comfortable with it

That is basically all the feature i can squeeze into a TH9 Farming Base ~
I need to thanks few member for their base layout that inspired me to build mine ~
  • Ringus
  • Black Whole
  • WDM
  • Bro XlcBlx modified Elysium

Hope You guys Like the Base ~
Have a Good day clasher

I've uploaded some defense log , others are sniping of th only ...

i need more bro to test out the base and give me comment ya ..

thanks ~

uploaded a sample video below , 1st time making video , if it not good i apologize in advance

The walls and trap placement :

The CC Radius :

The base overall look :

The Tesla have a 2 special mission here !

mission 1 : lure can channel giants that go through the funnel away from the wiz tower ~
(so that wiz tower have better chance of surviving and cleaning mass barchs )

mission 2 : tesla will try to protect the junction from WB

* both mission tested on real defense ~ working ~

** occasionally few giant from the mass group will walk towards wiz tow , but quickly send flying by springs ~

This 2 attack show's tha PRIME it's not a easy nut to crack ~

- TH10 , 4 max heal + 1 max rage , 28 max hog , 12 max wiz , 72 max archer , lvl11 AQ + BK

with 2 air def upgrading

- TH10 , 4 max heal + 1 max rage , 28 max hog , 12 max wiz , 72 max archer , lvl11 AQ + BK

- 34 Max hog + 80 max archer + BK + AQ + 4 max heal