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TH9 Upgrade Priorities, TH9 Upgrade Strategy. What to upgrade and When & TH9 Farming Strategy.

So you have maxed your TH8 base and you are ready to upgrade to TH9. This is the upgrade priority that i used when i first hit TH9.

As soon as TH9 has finished upgrading you will want to do these in this order usually as they will give you the most benifits. Having a level one building is better than not having it, so get your new buildings up as soon as possible.

Upgrade List when you first hit Town Hall Level 9

Labratory Build Cross Bow Upgrade Archer Queen to Level 2 Dark Elixir Drill Build all new defences Upgrade all new walls to gold (level 5)

When possible have your Archer Queen upgrading as she takes the longest time when combined to get fully upgraded. Usually i get the Archer Queen to the same level as the barbarian king and then upgrade one each, depending on the builders that you have available.

Once your initial builds and upgrades are done, you will need to try and re max everything back to your previous max level (if you maxed everything in TH8) if not then you will have a much longer upgrade time.

First Stage Upgrades

This stage should take about 2 months if you have all five builders (and dont gem upgrades).

TH9 Builder priorities (assuming that you have 5 builders).

1 builder on Archer Queen 1 builder on walls 2 builders on Elixir upgrades (one if only 4 builders total) Dark Elixir Drills Spell Factory Dark Elixir Storage Camps Baracks 1 builder on new defence buildings (to TH8 max, so dont try and upgrade to th9 max straight away or the wait time will be too long.)

Try and get the elixir producers up and running asap as these will assist your overall upgrade speeds.

Once the elixir upgrades are done you can use any extra builders to speed up your defence upgrades.

Lab upgrade priority in the First stage TH9 should be

Barb Archer Spells

This is to make sure that you have the best chance for farming to get more loot for more upgrades.
While stil in the First stage you will probably want to be farming around 1400-1600 trophies and the BARCH. 

How do i know that i have finished stage one?
All of your Baracks, DE Drills, DE Storage are maxed and everything is at TH8 max level.

Second Stage TH9

Now its time to start upgrading your defences to the new TH9 levels.

Upgrade Priority for Defences to maximise defence.

Splash Damage (Mortars, Wizzard Tower) Cross Bow, Air Defence, Air Sweepers Cannons, Tesla, Archer Towers Walls: i tried to have all my walls to level 8 by this phase as well (which takes a lot of farming!)

As you will have 2 of your builders upgrading the heros in this stage the defence upgrades can take quite some time, so get ready to wait!

Farming Style i used for this stage is Ballonion and just aimed for bases with 1k+ elixir and having your drills maxed can help a lot as well as you will be getting around 2.5k per day just from them.

Final Stage TH9

Ok so now its time to Max everything! This is the stage where you will be tempted to just go im good enough for TH10, but dont do it yet! you will need all the help you can get once you upgrade to th10 so dont rush it.

Get everything to MAX!

collectors traps bombs barracks everything! walls (try and get these as high as possible as once you go to TH10 this will be the last thing you want to save gold for, so go for level 9 walls or 10 if possible.) heros (try and get heros to around level 20+ before going to th10) lab (have most upgrades completed, if there is something you dont really use while raiding then its fine to leave it, but usually i just upgrade it anyway incase i might want to use it later.)

TH9 Farming Strategies

Dark Elixir Farming Setup

TH9: 18 Baloons and ~60 Minions, 1 heal and 3 rage.

Usually you can train these in about 30ish minutes so can be ready to raid every half an hour or so if you pre load the barricks as you are fighting. Look for loaded Dark Elixir drills for maximum loot usually these are the best to farm as the Dark Elixir storages are in the middle of the bases, unless you can get to them easily. Also now the lightening spells are out as they no longer do building damage so i replaced them with heals, just aim a bit ahead of where the troops are heading for maximum heals.

TH9 Gold and Elixir Farming

For farming i usually use the cheapest troop setup with the most damage so stick mainly with barch and wall breakers. Using the following rough setup vs TH8 and TH9s. TH10 i usually just pass unless there in farming mode.

TH8: 92 Archers, 90 Barbs, 10 Wall Breakers, 2 heals, 1 rage, 1300-1500 Trophies.
TH9: 102 Archers, 90 Barbs, 10 Wall Breakers, 2 heals, 2 rage, 1500-1800 Trophies.


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TH9 Upgrade Priorities, TH9 Upgrade Strategy. What to upgrade and When & TH9 Farming Strategy.

So you have maxed your TH8 base and you are ready to upgrade to TH9. This is the upgrade priority that i used when i first hit TH9. As soon as TH9 has finished upgrading you will want to do these in this order usually as they will give you the most ..

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